MCJ Beauty was established in 2nd March 2021 in Selangor. We are strategically located in Wisma MCJ. We are specialized in leveraging online channel to constantly provide high quality and premium beauty products. With the deep know-how in leveraging online platform, we are the industry leading beauty company in the live streaming platform. With a successful proven record of online sale, MCJ Beauty will be expanding towards physical stores to provide walk-in sales.


Our founders, Lo Kok Hooi, Lo Sze Ying and Chin Choong Foo, shares the same vision. They are strongly dedicated towards promoting various usage and treatments of the beauty products. Our products is known to many in healing health too, It promotes good energy flow and helps one to get rid of the body and mind negative energy. It is seen as an essential in challenging times, it helps us generate and spur positive energy. Whenever a person faces difficulties or depressed in life, it will play a significantly important role to uplift their bravery and courageous. It contains the force of positivity that could effectively influence a person tremendously.


Our team is dedicated in serving the very best variety of products to our customers and delivering the best customer service experiences by making sure all enquiries of our customers are being assisted. With the proven record of our signature product “Magic Cleansing Body Wash” and the excellent customers reviews, we have successfully attracted more than hundred thousand loyal customers up-to-date.


MCJ Beauty takes the quality of our products as the utmost priority, we believe that all our customers’ needs and wants are part of our primary responsibility. We strive our best effort to consistently innovate our offerings, and with our highly efficient management team, we strive to stand out among competitors and continue in sharpening MCJ competitive edge.



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