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NEW 养肤防晒霜!抗老同时预防黑斑!


? #原来脸上看不到黑斑不代表没有黑斑! 都怪自己小时候很爱户外运动,晒到皮肤黑黑,都不懂得防晒保养的重要性。? 如果你和我一样,觉得涂防晒又粘又油的话,那就选新推出的 MCJ 防晒霜!

这款防晒霜真的很不一样~ ?它蕴含7大植萃修护成分,包括:?檀香油、蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊、金盏花、银杏、洛神花和葵花籽油,具有舒缓、平衡滋润及提亮作用。是一款具备 #防晒同时养肤 的2合1防晒霜 ??


一般防晒霜只能防御UVA,但我们的有效隔绝使肌肤老化的 ☀️UVA与UVB紫外线,为肌肤提供双重防护。另外,SPF30的防晒能力刚刚好?,还能抵抗红外线和污染,对于正常室内和外出来说已经足够,也不会对肌肤造成任何刺激或负担。








跟小编一样容易出汗又懒惰补涂的朋友们 ?‍♀️ ?选这款绝对不踩雷~ 防水防汗型有效提供长效防晒效果,轻轻的擦拭也不会把防晒擦掉,适合运动时使用。?️‍♀️

现在我不涂它都不敢出门了!?? 尤其防疫时期需要戴口罩?,涂它不会造成肌肤负担,一瓶全效防止晒伤、晒黑以及光老化,太好用惹~~ 各位,不想长斑点、迅速衰老的话一定要认真防晒,赶快PM我抢先体验!??

NEW Sunscreen To Prevent Aging & Dark Spots!

Last time when I went for facial care, ?? I was surprised when my skin test result revealed that there are hyperpigment within the layers of my skin. The beautician warned me that it will slowly appear on the surface of my skin if overexposed to sunlight or as age increase. ?

#Dark spots can be developed beneath the surface of the skin! Are you one of those who love outdoor activities yet give less attention to sun care protection? ? Hate heavy, goopy formulas? Choose MCJ UV DEFENDER!
? Unlike most sunscreens, it enriched with 7 exclusive botanical extracts, includes ?Sandalwood Oil, blue lotus, blue daisy, calendula, ginkgo biloba, hibiscus, sunflower seed oil to calm, moisturize and brighten skin. A #2 In 1 sunscreen with beauty benefits.??


Unlike other sunscreen products, our sunscreen gives double sun protection and ? SPF30 against ☀️ UVA & UVB, infrared rays and pollution to prevent skin aging just before you dash out the door or stay indoors.

✅*Smooth & Coverage *

Provide a layer of foundation coverage to cover acne marks, redness, dark circles, smoothen skin for natural beauty look ?It moisturizes skin and won’t leave you feeling oily after using. Suitable for those who dislike makeup OR wearing it during workout to maintain a breathable yet natural goddess look!?

✅Non-clogging Pores

Added Lavender & Blue Daisy (Calming), Blue Lotus (Sebum control) and Calendula (Antibacterial) to prevent pores clogging and breakouts. ? Super gentle for all skin types include pregnant women.

✅Brightening Skin Tone

✨Leave skin a healthy glow and even skin tone after applying! The antioxidant properties of ginkgo biloba and hibiscus can help reduce production of melanin for brighter skin.

✅Waterproof & Sweatproof

If you're too lazy to apply sunscreen and easily sweat, this editor-favorite’s sunscreen is the best for you.?‍♀️ ? The water and sweat resistant formula provide a long lasting sun protection without easily melting off which make it ideal for sport activities. ?️‍♀️

Now I’ll never leave home without using sunscreen! ?? It is so lightweight for me especially wearing a face mask ? during Covid period. One bottle to prevent sunburn, darker and aging skin. Guys~~ Wearing sunscreen is a golden rule of skincare, PM me to try out this new item! ??