MCJ BEAUTY PREMIUM Brightening UV Moisturizer Smoothing 100G

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MCJ UV 美白保湿霜? 一瓶打造水润光感肌!

富含高抗氧化的 【多重植萃 ➕ 7 种花 配方】 ,可保护肌肤细胞免受自由基侵害。
? 檀香油、蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊、金盏花、银杏、洛神花&葵花籽油


?含SPF 15,帮助抵御蓝光?、UVA & UVB 对皮肤造成的光老化,有效防止被晒黑、产生晒斑、干纹,同时提亮肤色✨✨




An intensive sunscreen moisturizer that is unique!
Everytime skin appear residue, cakey and dry after apply sunscreen??

MCJ Brightening UV Moisturizing Smoothing Cream? can create a dewy looks for you!

Enriched with 【Botanical ➕ 7 Flowers formula】 It helps to protect skin cells against harmful free radicals.
? Saccharide isomerate, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Calendula, Marine stem cell
? Sandalwood Oil, blue lotus, blue daisy, calendula, ginkgo biloba, hibiscus, sunflower seed oi

It has 2 features:

?Day Sun Protection
?Contains SPF 15 to protect skin against blue light?, UVA & UVB that will leads to photoaging, effectively prevent sunburn, sunspots and dry lines while brightening skin tone✨✨

?Intensive Moisturizing
?Moisturize and soothing skin, protect skin against dryness, redness that is caused by sunlights.

Smoothery texture is easily spread.
Refreshing and fit on skin without leaving any residue❌

✅A 2 in 1 sunscreen moisturizer that suitable for lazy people??
It helps to save your time and energy, so you can head out with total protection!