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被问N遍的香氛沐浴露 ~ 洗出自带高级香的美肌!




是时候升级让肌肤用好一点的沐浴露啦! 推荐大家这款私藏好物,轻松为你洗去白天的疲惫感,同时洗出令人羡慕的芬芳美肌。


简直大爱了!这款 MCJ BEAUTY 神奇沐浴露,特制的芳香植物配方,能够一次完成「深层清洁」+「精致养肤」,天然温和呵护肌肤。

干皮救星! 含葵花籽油提供 12小时深层补水滋润,在肌肤表面上形成保护膜,锁住水分以恢复水光感。

-鸡皮都被抹平了! 丰富银杏和洛神花萃取更是有效对抗自由基,达到延缓肌肤衰老,同时改善粗糙暗沉,让肌肤嫩嫩白白的。✨

-抗菌还原亮滑美背! 蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊和金盏花成分有效?抗炎抗菌,平衡油脂分泌,让你轻松摆脱背部痘痘,以后穿露背装再也不尴尬啦。

-还你一觉好眠! 清新迷人的薰衣草能够帮助舒缓压力。睡前用它洗澡可加倍放松全身,连枕头上都香香的,让你一觉睡到天亮。

-喜欢木质香调的别错过! 这款沐浴露添加了 ?澳洲顶级檀香木精油 成分,中性的木质香调,适合男女使用。让你流汗时散发淡淡的温暖沉稳的檀香木香气,好闻到不行~


每次用它洗澡,都仿佛沉浸在?花海之中,充满香甜的森林气息!5.5pH值的 非皂基泡沫配方 更是有效温和去除毛孔污垢,同时维持肌肤健康。✌️ 用后不干涩不紧绷,保湿感满满,感觉皮肤越来越好呢!



Fragrant Body Wash That Makes You Smell & Look Classy! 

Feeling exhausted after a whole day working and heavy traffic

Not to mention the extreme hot weather lead to sweating and, in-turn, clogged pores, dullness and rough skin! 

We know you crave for a relaxing shower moment! 

It’s time to pamper yourself with this luxurious body wash!  Get this goody to wash the tiring day away for a lovely skin. 

——✨Enjoy A SPA-like Shower With Beauty Benefits!✨——

LOVE THIS!!  MCJ BEAUTY Magic Cleansing Body Wash is packed with skin-loving ingredients and natural scent to achieve 「deep cleansing」+「beauty care」 at one step. 

-Dry Skin Savior! Contains sunflower seed oil to provide 12hrs of hydration and moisturization , forming a layer of protection layer on skin to restore supple skin. 

-Smoothen Out Chicken Skin! The ginkgo biloba and hibiscus extracts can effectively fight radicals to slow down skin aging, gently exfoliate to reduce roughness for silky soft skin.✨ 

-Anti-Bacteria To Restore Smooth Back! Enriched with blue lotus, blue daisy and calendula to anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and balance sebum to get rid of back acne. 

-Enjoy Good Sleep! Refreshing lavender scent helps to relax your mind. Use it for a good night sleep with a pleasurable aroma that leaves on your pillow. 

-For Wood Scent’s Addict! Infused with Australian premium sandalwood essential oil , the warm and deep notes that gently perfumes the skin leave you smelling good everyday. This unisex-friendly scent even works well for men and women. 

Besides, we even upgrade our formula by using Hydrolyzed Rice Protein Peptides derived from AI Technology to repair and perfectly replenish skin with nutrients 

Every time you turn up a shower, it leaves you smelling like a dip in the ocean of full-blossomed flowers with sweet tropical vibe! 

With a pH level of around 5.5, this soap-free body wash can gently cleanse pores to leave your entire body hygienically clean and healthy without feeling tight and dry. ✌️ You will surprisingly notice your skin become so moist and getting better after a period! 

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