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自从去角质后,皮肤变得又白又嫩,忍不住一直想摸自己的脸。?? 才发现原来自己脸上的死皮这样厚的,怪不得之前的脸蛋这么粗糙、暗沉又无光泽。
⚠️ 定期去角质真的很重要❗很重要❗很重要❗
去角质不但可以带走脸上多余的油份,还能抑制痘痘、黑头粉刺的产生以最大化提升皮肤吸收力,整张脸好像换了新的一样。? 92% 的顾客都会回购的去角质凝胶,用一次就爱上的清洁SPA?
MCJ 去角质凝胶真的太好用了~ 果然是大马美容院专用的配方⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
? 蕴含植物成分,温和去角质更养肤。高抗氧化的?覆盆子可改善皮肤纹理;?草莓助祛黄、滋润保湿和提高皮肤弹性; ?橘子助抗衰老,令肌肤柔嫩莹润。
?添加维他命E&C ?助修护皮肤屏障,舒缓保湿,令肤色白皙明亮。用了几次后,肤色不均的问题改善很多,熬夜后脸色也没那么暗沉了?
1星期使用2次去角质产品,会让肤质越来越细腻,毛孔更紧致,宛如剥壳般的鸡蛋?✨ 还在等什么?超大容量可以用高达3-5个月,直接省下去美容院做角质护理的?!马上PM??


Expensive skincare product doesn’t get absorbed into skin without exfoliate consistently❗?
After exfoliate regularly, my skin becomes brighter and softer ?? I only realized that my skin is so thick with those dead skin cells which is the main reason why my face so rough and dull.
⚠️ It is important to exfoliate your skin regularly❗
Sloughing off the dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin is essential to remove excessive sebum, prevent formation of acne and blackheads for peak skincare absorption. The result is as amazing as a new face.? 92% of customers will fall in love with this cleansing SPA and repurchase our product?
MCJ Peeling Gel works wonderfully! Love their beauty salon formulas⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
? Enriched with botanical extracts, mildly exfoliate and care skin at the same time?Antioxidant raspberry can enhance skin texture;?Strawberry help improve yellowish skin, moisturizing and enhance skin elasticity; ?Orange for anti-aging and soften skin.
? Fine Jojoba Esters can naturally remove the dead skin cells, deeply cleanse the pores and restore glowing skin in 15 mins? Suitable for sensitive skin.
? Added vitamin E&C? to repair skin barrier, soothing, moisturizing and brightening skin. After a few usage, it improves the uneven skin tone problem and skin is no longer look dull after sleeping late?
Use this product twice a week to refine your skin and tighten pores, leaving it feeling like a smooth egg surface. ?✨Super big bottles which can last for 3-5 months which save up your facial treatment expenses.? PM us now??