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MCJ这款新推出的??水润保湿凝胶 绝对能解决你的这些日常问题!??

? 蕴含6大王牌成分☘️有机芦荟、洋甘菊、兵豆果提取物、芝麻菜、山雞椒精油和穗檀香油等。100%温和不刺激,适合全家大小使用。?‍?‍?‍?

? 3大高能补水+锁水+滋润力,一涂即在肌肤表面形成水分保护膜,持续补水锁水长达8小时! ??

? * 从头到脚能用!?*觉得肌肤干燥不适时,随时涂抹,马上感到清凉舒缓,不油不腻更不会粘。

遇见 #MCJ保湿凝胶 有如救星! 不管身体哪个部位不适,马上拿出来涂一涂就搞定??





✅化妆经常卡粉,很尴尬?告诉你一个TIPS~ 上底妆前先涂抹MCJ保湿凝胶,不但有效控油,还能让妆容更持久服帖✨

真的太好用了~ 一定要在家里放一支保湿凝胶,随时应急所需?


Intensive Moisturizer For All Purposes? A Must Have Item For Family To Care From Head-To-Toe!?

Face, hands and legs often feel uncomfortable? Redness that appears soon after lightly scratching the skin and itchy at night?

?Wearing a mask for a long period will slowly cause skin problems, rough and oily.

If you’re facing these daily concerns, MCJ new??Dewy Gel Moisturizer can help to solve it all! ??

? 6 types of star ingredients include ☘️_Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Lens Esculenta Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Eruca Sativa Leaf, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil and Fusanus Spicatus Wood Oil_and etc that is mild enough for your family. ?‍?‍?‍?

? Hydrating, lock in moisture and moisturizing skin by forming an invisible water locking film for 8 hours! ?


? Head-to-toe moisturizing? that provides your dry skin a cooling effect without oiliness and stickiness at any time.

#MCJDewyGelMoisturizer is totally a lifesaver! Apply it anytime on your whole body to get rid of any discomfort condition??

✅Redness, dryness and sunburn on face? Use it to enhance water level, soothe dryness for supple and softer skin!

✅*Savior for all the moms out there! Bug bites often cause your baby? to suffer from swelling and itchiness? *Treat bug bites in babies with our Dewy Gel Moisturizer for instant relief. Formulated with botanical extracts which are mild for baby skin and allow them to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities freely.

✅Minor cut on skin? Apply it to instantly stop bleeding and healing the minor wound.

✅Splitting hair ends? MCJ Dewy Gel Moisturizer can moisturize your hair, leaving it smoother and stronger.

✅Cakey makeup? Let us share some tips~ Applying MCJ Dewy Gel Moisturizer before your foundation will help to control oil and prolong makeup✨

Always keep our Dewy Gel Moisturizer at your home for emergency use?