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?介绍大家这款MCJ 天然椰片面膜!!是小资女们清单里必BUY的抗老美肌好物!


这是因为我们的面膜和普通面膜不一样! 它的材质是以天然椰水生物发酵?制成,像果冻一样很有弹性,具有以下3大特点??


主要功效: 长效保湿、紧致光滑、舒缓肌肤不适、亮丽肤色


此外,每张面膜还融入了 MCJ 独家7大植萃精华,包括:?檀香油、蓝睡莲、蓝雏菊和金盏花、银杏、洛神花和葵花籽油等等,帮助抗菌舒缓、平衡滋润及提亮。用它来急救熬夜肌,效果超好的~

无论是小脸大脸都能完美服帖,不会轻易掉下来,敷上30分钟也不会导致? “反吸收” 皮肤的水分。天气热的时候来一片,整张脸冰凉凉的超解暑!✨?

?? 用过一次就爱了,真心会无限回购~ ???想要抗老保持青春态的你,还不赶紧PM下单?

?HOT Selling Of Coconut Mask?Restore Plump Look!

Have you tried the Coconut Mask before?

As we know, coconut is well known for its high nutritional value as well as recognizable beauty benefits. ?As a mask lover, you’ll definitely love this coconut mask to get rid of large pores, oily and dull skin.

?This MCJ Bio-Cellulose Mask is your must buy beauty item. ??‍♀️ This watery base mask is suitable for puberty face. Recommended to use at least 3 times per week especially for those who are 25 years old and above, a great addition to introduce into your beauty routine to help boost skin hydration, smooth fine lines and nourish skin.

That’s because our mask is unique and different from other normal masks! ?? It is made from fermented coconut bio-cellulose fibres as a result of jelly-like texture. 3reason why it is so special??

?Super thin, all natural fiber gives more skin contact like a second skin.
?Breathable and high capacity to prevent evaporation of essences.
?Tightening effect to allow vital nutrients penetrate right to the dermis of the skin.

*Benefits: Long lasting moisturization, firming, smoothen skin, brightening and calm discomfort skin. *

Our mask offers a treatment level of anti-aging effect due to its strong adhesion to sealing in the active essences underneath with at least 2-4 times higher penetration!

Infused with MCJ exclusive 7 main plant extracts such as ?Sandalwood Oil, blue lotus, blue daisy, calendula, ginkgo biloba, hibiscus, sunflower seed oil to calm, antibacterial, balance sebum and brighten skin. ?? Best to use it as an SOS mask to save your dull skin!

Designed to fit perfectly on any shape of face without tearing off easily. Our mask will not cause a ? reverse osmosis effect that can absorb moisture back out of your skin even if you’re leaving it on skin for more than 30mins.✨? Never forget to mention, your skin will feel so refreshing with a hint of cooling effect!

?? Love this coconut mask so much! ?Definitely will repurchase again~??? If you dream of a youthful complexion, PM us for order now!